Check it out: the Latest in Professional Digital Marketing

Integrating the Technology and Media with the Marketing Trends

As we are moving into 2018 a shift in digital marketing can be observed. Many new trends have taken their place in the marketplace and you must give heed to that, else your company is more likely to stay out of the biz-world! The need to increase your visibility among the customers has made digital marketing move into the advancements of emerging technologies, with consumers demanding greater integrated experience.


But, how can you use digital marketing strategies to capture public appeal and make a place for yourself in this highly competitive world? Give it a thought! As experts say, you must know your customers and their reach.

Integrating Real World with Social Media – As social media apps are better integrating with augmented reality and cell phones are growing more impactful, brands will use this content to better engage with consumers. Using your location, companies could trigger sponsored AR content which can be seen at that point of time.

Collapse of the Influencer Market Brands – The market will not grow for the brands who invest to influence the upper tier of customers rather those who move to organic grass root-level promotion, and away from high-cost, middle-tier influencers who drive awareness but little return of investments.

Better Understanding of Customer Data – Data-driven marketing is a powerful tool. For that you must know the data as to where your consumers will stand on every step of their shopping, learn as to what appeals to them, and design your marketing in accordance to that in order to touch them all along their journey.

What’s the Buzz: Find What’s New On The Block

As the digital marketing has become the first word of success, take a look at this section, small though it is.

Here’s a big list of digital marketing techniques.

  • Content marketing Communities (Branded niches and communities)
  • Big Data (including market and customer insight and predictive analytics)
  • Display (Banners on publishers, ad networks social media including retargeting and programmatic)
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) / improving website experiences
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Marketing Automation (e.g., CRM, behavioral Email marketing and web personalization)
  • Mobile marketing (Mobile advertising, site development and apps)
  • Paid search marketing, e.g. Google Ad Words, Pay Per Click
  • Partnerships including affiliate and co-marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (organic search)
  • Social media marketing (including Social CRM and Social Customer Care)
  • Wearable gadgets (e.g. activity trackers, Apple Watch, augmented reality)Amazing, isn’t it?

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